The term „workshop“ defines two- to three hours of intensive group-lessons, apart from the regular   practice and usually takes place on the weekend, during morning-hours. Workshops are not included in the normal training-contribution and are open for interested students of other schools or martial arts.


The workshops are always about a special topic, for example a Chi-Sao-section, which is the basic entity of the tactile training or the possible answers to a special form of attacks (Judo, Wrestling, Weapons…)


Workshops offer enough time to tie relations and experience has shown that morning hours are very convenient to work together in relaxed and concentrated mode. Frequently new contacts are revealed and the normal training is enriched exceptionally.


Workshops require minimum three participants and no registration is needed, they are open to students of all graduations and have to be paid cash prior to start. Dates & times of workshops can be found in the training-schedule.