Wing Tsun for Seniors

Wing Tsun for seniors is addressed to everybody that is still young and looks for a possibility to remain vigorous and to continue development in contact with others. Grandmaster Yip man is said to have stated, that he reached his peak form not until he was beyond his 60’ties


Contact is meant word-for-word in Wing Tsun: along with our special dedication to the intense development of the tactile sense, clear touch and being touched is definite training-routine. Especially seniors know that convenient bodily contact with others becomes rare at age and Wing Tsun is therefore meeting an unfortunate deficit with a cheerful alternative.


Being a “soft” inner style, Wing Tsun can be practiced up until oldest age; the small and careful movements support and maintain the elasticity of muscles, tissue and the brain. The basic training-stances are more similar to the natural posture and therefore easy to learn, even with knee-problems. Acrobatic skills and exercises with a high risk of injury are very rare in Wing Tsun.


Since there are no tournaments, older practitioners do not have to compete with younger, performance-minded students, they can develop within the limits of their individual possibilities. This way amazing things can be achieved and it is like the saying about red vine: “the older the merrier”. The big advantages of most older students is their sufficient availability of time to train very constant and they bring along more patience with themselves as they do not have to “prove” anything to themselves.


The offer includes:


  • Regular training specially tailored to seniors
  • Training on site (senior-residence, senior living-group, health-center etc.)
  • Private lessons (individual lessons or lessons for small groups of up to 4 persons)

If you are interested and willing to accept even small progress as progress, I’m looking forward to receive a message from you or I welcome you directly at the trial-lesson