Wing Tsun for children

As Wing Tsun’s roots as a traditional martial art can be found in the regulation-dominated Confucianism, it conveys children from 6 to 11 Years clearly tangible values. By handling the own body and the body of others with care and respect, attention and concentration is given chance of improvement.


A clear and unambiguous way of demanding discipline, a calm and concentrated training becomes possible and offers the children a genuine alternative to the often unsettled, noisy and media-flooded daily routine


Cheerful attention and many short breaks prevent exhaustion and monotony. The demanding coordinative physical tasks can be solved under such conditions.


The children-practice delivers valuable stimuli and opportunities to improve the quality of the body-perception, which is developing rapidly at this age. It encourages the child to discover a broad movement-base for all the following specifications in life ( relationships, other sports, sport in school, university, job)


That is why the children-practice is not focused on traditional techniques but about the general movement abilities and organization of attention. All exercises are adapted to children’s interests and natural sense for exploration. Providing positive experiences is likely to lead to an augmented interest in the subject by the children


The close bodily contact with other children enables a more accurate self-assessment and fosters the ability to be in contact with others at ease. Children also take graduation exams, it is important for them to document their progress, to experience appreciation and to learn to align themselves.


Wing Tsun offers possibilities for Children to recognize and react in a self-defence situation and to get to know what it means to attack. This kind of distinction clarifies the respect for others and self-confidence is developing natural. The term self-defence is including all forms of negative subtle force and aggression against children. Mentally and physically strong children less often become victims of violent actions and also know better, where their limits are exceeded and a reaction becomes essential.


For the parents it is a worthy possibility to take a break and to enjoy one and a half hours of totally free time.


Several possibilities for children to learn Wing Tsun come into consideration:


  • Regular participation in the children-training
  • Private-training for children (especially with ADHS, autism and other developmental disturbances)