Systema for women

Martial art in general and especially Systema are becoming more and more popular with woman. Because of its goals and handling of power, it is very suitable for woman. The offers addressed specially to woman cover:


  • Self-defence courses for woman
  • Regular training-opportunities only for woman
  • Aggression-prevention courses for woman
  • Workshops exclusively for woman

(The courses come about if there is enough demand)


Why is Systema so attractive for women?

According to the legend, Wing Tsun was developed by Ng Mui, by a woman. This circumstance suggests itself, that it can be learned and deployed by woman naturally. Wing Tsun is offering possibilities, downright if you are physically inferior, by uniting all of your capabilities in a smart way.


The strategies and movements are so effective, because a woman learns to move and to defend compatible to her physical premises step by step. Using advantages and identifying dangers is one of the basic steps.


A big difference between Wing Tsun and other martial arts is that the regular practice of W T with training-partners is a strictly cooperative way of learning and no simulated fighting.


Through an improved kinaesthetic sensation and the increased readiness for action, the self-awareness becomes clearer and visual changes in posture and in the gestures help to keep conflict-situations from even arising.


Since Wing Tsun requires most of all feeling-skills to be learned and not effort, Woman usually learn W T with more ease, faster and with less difficulties then men. They do not rely on their physical strength alone and after just a few lessons, the ability to defend rises notably.


The whole training-system is arranged to balance the elements: coordination, fitness, power, dynamic stability, balance, attention, self-confidence, articulation, and awareness. Even though the practice is very challenging and personal limits are getting known, it is not “exhausting” but should generally leave the feeling of a pleasant and inspiring wellbeing.


Doubts are often reasonable

De facto, the martial arts enact very martial and training in some schools is considered very rough. This is not true for my Wing Tsun: an agreeable, respectful and cooperative dealing with each other are prevailing training colleagues support each other to master the difficult challenges in the learning-process.


Initial concerns about having sufficient physical power to learn a martial art as a woman dissolve very soon. In the practice of Wing Tsun you will discover that efficiency it is not built upon physical power but suppleness and smartly applied coordinative skills predominate.


Situations of conflict or unexpected aggression are naturally uncomfortable and not to get in them is what we would prefer the most, which is why learning a martial-art system scares off too easily. Really we are faced with problems and self-defence situations every day, mostly verbal, in our Job, in family life. Defending our freedom, our free-time and the way we like to be treated is pure self-defence. It is interesting, that the training is not fighting at all but a way develop the skills necessary to end the fight as soon as possible in nearly perfect conditions. To deal with (own) aggression and violence in a confident way, is a higher level ability to learn. Everybody is free to decide if and when to meet the challenge of a sparring- situation (free movement with protective gear) and everybody is given the opportunities to close in on that challenge in very small steps.


What women should consider when training Systema

The sweeping effectiveness of the techniques is generated by their full-body-dynamic. The development of this type of power is improving significantly as the student goes along but requires faith in small changes.


Most of the partner-practice is done with physical contact to the training-partner: that means, you should be generally okay with that.


To make sure that personal limits are respected, it is of extraordinary importance to say “stop” clearly where it is necessary.


There is special clothing (sports-lingerie etc.) to enjoy an unrestricted training-experience.