Practical advice


  1. Shoes without a heel, the soles as thin as possible, movability fort he toes, corresponding to the natural form of the foot (for example “5-finger “-shoes, classic Kung-Fu slippers, gymnastics-slippers, ballet-slippers)
  2. Protection for the back of the hand, as light as possible, not interfering with the ability of the wrist to turn. Boxing gloves or stiff models are not suitable.
  3. Protection for the shinbone is advisable for the kicking-sequences.
  4. Ellbow-protection is necessary to lower the danger of injury while training the ellbow-sequences.
  5. Jock straps are compulsory because of the frequent use of the knee and punches towards the private parts. (offered  for example by Addidas, Venom, Kwon or Pfaff)
  6. Jumping rope (the best material is leather, cheaper version is a plastic-coated wire or a pure plastic-model)

 Information on the supporting companies and where the gear can be bought, I will provide on request.



Glasses-wearer should use contact-lenses as far as possible (lowered risk of injury)

You should always arrive at the school five minutes before the training actually starts, it leaves you enough time for unexpected delays and a relaxed and assorted start of the lesson.

Additional work out of the muscles is not necessary, to move the weight of the training-partner strengthens the right muscles in just the right way and is an important aspect of developing functional power. Isolated workouts hinder flowing movements and are controversial to the training-objectives


Body-decoration that might cause injury (earrings, piercings, nose rings, chains, wristbands, foot bands among others…) has to be taken off before every lesson!

Who likes to do additional training at home, should regularly deal with his respective from, as slow as possible and later as well as fast as possible. To do it on one leg only, with the eyes closed can also be a challenge.