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Every-day job routine can blunt and blocks the view towards new possibilities. Predominantly sitting tasks and screen-work throughout the day have a severe effect on: digestion, the posture and this way on the beauty of the body and on thinking itself. Nonsexual bodily contact and true human encounter with colleagues, customers and partners often come off very short and the interpersonal dealings is generating poor impulse for development.


Frequent job change, burn-out-syndrome, personal and cumulative loss of company-power are the inevitable long term consequences. Early signs are disturbing tension, migraine and aversion. Despite of working out “all right” you can not find any spirit of challenge, courage, excitement and playful pleasure (anymore).


Recombining departments, job rotation, transfer, profit sharing, improved cognitive ergonomics coaching, massages, company health care, company-sports and regimens are meant to bring relief and quiet often business consultants that sell the same proposals in just another wrapping are called in for vast sums of money.


An unconventional solution arises: We engage a private instructor and learn a fascinating traditional martial art!


Wing Tsun is a combination of at least four elements:


  • The physical element: endurance, fitness und functional power
  • The logic element: clear principals and a conclusive system-theory
  • The cognitive element:  the alliance between perception and own movement is stimulating the brain to generate new patterns and breathes new life into other processes of thinking. In other words it enables new solutions for known problems.
  • The social element: group dynamics, respect, cooperation processes are fostered.


These elements can be taught in various formats and with emphasis on every element:


  • Workshops (one or more days)
  • Weekend seminaries
  • Regular training-lessons on site
  • Lectures about the principles, methods and theory of Wing Tsun
  • Compact courses (for example. 10- lessons, each about 1,5 hours)
  • Pure self-defence courses sand workshops
  • Self-defence for woman


What are the benefits?


Unfavourable postural habits become unfastened by the training. Group dynamic processes come back to life and their qualities will improve. Breathing becomes more deep and light so the brain is supplied with more oxygen. On another level, Wing Tsun induces effective stimuli for the autonomous maintenance of the working-power. The practice enhances creativity and the organization of focal processes (goal orientation).

If the information engaged your interest and you wish to offer a special type of “advanced education” for you and your staff, contact me any time so we can arrange an offer that suits your needs.

Emphasis can be on:


  • Health / prevention (see also
  • Self-defence
  • Fitness
  • Theory and knowledge
  • Stimulation of group dynamic processes